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What do foster carers do?

Foster carers provide essential support and a sense of belonging for children and young people who can no longer be cared for by their birth parents.

As a foster carer you will provide a safe, healthy and nurturing home for a child or young person, on a temporary or longer term basis. You will be required to work alongside social workers, birth families and care professionals to care for children across the local area. You will also support them with their educational needs and maintain a close connection with the child’s school. 

Just like our foster carers, all young people are unique and may need specific support to help them thrive.

It’s all about knowing that you’re making a difference to a child’s life. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to see the young people after they leave: happy, settled and enjoying their lives
Can I foster

Can I foster?

Fostering is often described as the most rewarding and challenging thing anyone can do. 

Therefore, Foster for Solihull needs foster carers who are resilient and positive in their outlook, and are able to do the very best for the children they are looking after.

Here are the key values and responsibilities for foster carers - is this you?