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Get started & begin your fostering journey with us!

We are so pleased you are considering starting your fostering journey with Foster for Solihull! Our application process is simple and easy to follow and you will be supported every step of the way.


The application process usually takes as little as 5 months, though this can be longer or shorter depending on your personal circumstances and how fast you would like to progress.

Already a foster carer? Learn more about how you can transfer to us.

"I thought about being a foster carer for many years, then finally in 2019 I decided to apply. It’s honestly the best thing we’ve ever done, I’m so glad we did it"

How to become a foster carer

Our approval process is split into 6 stages and our team will support you each step of the way.

Step 1

Speak with one of our fostering advisers who will explain more about the types of fostering, the application process and learn a little bit about you. We’ll also carry out some basic background checks - these are routine checks and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. They will then book a home appointment with one of our social workers.

Step 2

You will then be invited to take part in our pre-approval training. During the training, we will be asking you to think about your motives, ideas and feelings about fostering and what you are able to offer as individuals and families. You will also be given more information about fostering so that you can explore the possible impact on you and your family.

Step 3

When you complete the Pre-Approval training, you will be asked to complete a fostering application form. This form notifies us of your wish to progress to a full assessment. Your supporting social worker will walk you through the form and any questions you may have. The form normally takes 45 minutes to complete.

Step 4

You will then be allocated an assessing social worker. The worker’s role is to get to know you and your family, to have further discussions with you about fostering and for you to explore the type of fostering you would like to be considered for.

All members of your household will be involved in the assessment process, which is divided into two stages. 


You will need to satisfactorily complete Stage 1 in order to move onto the more in depth Stage 2 of the assessment process. The assessment will include various interviews and references with family, friends and employers, from which the social worker will then produce a report to be presented to the fostering panel.

Step 5

The Fostering Panel is made up of a number of professionals and other people with experience of fostering, who will look at your application to make sure it is robust and indicates that you will be a good foster carer.

The Panel will make a recommendation that you become a foster carer, which will be endorsed by a member of staff known as the Agency Decision Maker. You will then be an approved foster carer and can start fostering!



Step 6

We’re so happy you’re joining the Foster for Solihull family! As an approved foster carer for us, how quickly you have a child or young person matched with you will depend on the category of children you are approved to care for.


Before a child or young person is matched with you, we will visit your home to go through the necessary policies, procedures and paperwork and establish whether or not you have all the necessary equipment.

As a newly approved foster carer, you’ll also receive lots of support from our community of foster carers, social workers and professionals to help you settle into your new role. 

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