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Our fostering community

As a foster carer, you’re never alone. Our community of foster carers meet up regularly to make new friends and share useful tips and advice.

"If you've got place in your heart and in your home, and you want to be part of a good team - think about fostering"

Monthly support groups 

Foster for Solihull’s fostering community meets up regularly, offering specialised support groups so that you can engage with local foster carers, get advice and make friends. We hold social events year-round, including our summer picnic and Christmas party. 

National support links

On a national scale, all our carers gain access to The Fostering Network, the UK’s leading fostering charity.

New carer buddy system

You may be allocated an experienced foster carer as a ‘buddy’, who will give support and advice on an informal basis during your first year as a foster carer and beyond. They’ll also help you make new friends in our community and assist you with understanding and adapting to your new role.