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Roz's fostering story

Meet Roz, a Foster for Solihull carer

Roz told us:

"The social workers assigned to you, they're very supportive. They're just a phone call away.

As my children got older and left home and got their own families, I felt that I still had enough energy and care and time inside me that I would like to continue looking after children.

I work part-time in a school with children who have complex needs, I enjoy making a difference in children's lives. I thought that going part-time and fostering would be a way where I could meet both the needs of work and still being able to bring a child into the family and enhance their life.

I'm a single carer and I find it works absolutely fine. I have the support around me at home. It's quite nice to just have you and the child, you can give your time to a child."

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